Women Hinduism


Women Hinduism

In Ancient India, Ladies Were Treated Equal To Males And In Fact They Were Believed To Be Superior To Men In Several Facets. It's Indeed Remarkable To Notice That The Word For Strength And Power In Hindu Culture Is Represented By The Female Shakti. Shakti Is The All Existing Worldwide Indication Of The Feminine And She's Worshiped As The Goddess Hinduism. According To Hindu Mythology And Literature, Kings And Cities Were Totally Destroyed When Single Lady Was Wronged By The State. 

The Ancient History And The Sources Of Hinduism Can Be Followed From The Vedas Times. This Was A Golden Period When Men And Women Had Equal Rights In Every Aspect Of Life Including Education And Religion. There Were Excellent Ladies Students Who Mastered The Vedas And In Fact The Development Of The Vedas Itself Was A Combined Effort Of Men And Women Rishis. The Vedas And Upanishads The Foremost Sacred Texts Of Hinduism Talk In Detail Various Rites Involving Girls As Well As The Contributions Of Girls Students And Philosophers Of These Times. 

Later History And The Development Of The Caste System In Reality Became The Bane Of Hinduism. Later Texts As The Manusmriti Which Were Created To Impose The Brahmanical Order Methodically Degraded The Role Of Girls In Hindu Society. There's No Second Opinion On The Fact That Girls Faced Majority Of The Burnt From The Thought And Practice Based On These Later Texts. Women Became Subordinate To Men, They Have Been Always To Be In Control Of Men In Either The Shape Of A Father, Husband, Brother Or Boy. They Were Excluded From Education And Overt Religious Practices And Their Socio Cultural Part Was Also Reduced Significantly In A Variety Of Ways. This Was In Reality Very Ironical Since On One Hand Nevertheless The Feminine And The Ladies Power Was Worshiped In The Shape Of Goddess, But The Current Social Situation Of Women Was Much Lower And Pathetic.






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