Faking News: Sasikala Will Open Jai Sasi Mata Ashrama


Faking News: Sasikala Will Open Jai Sasi Mata Ashrama

VK Sasikala has decided to leave politics as she is ‘tired of the materialism of the material world’; she now wants to open an ashrama to teach people on how to react to the complications of the material world. The name of the ashrama will be Jai Sasi Mata Ashrama. There is also a buzz that she has thought of taking Vijay Mallya as her spiritual partner. Mallya is supposed to operate the program from UK.

Sasikala have been in utter grief after the death of Jayalalitha; after that her jail term and the whole turmoil in the AIADMK party operation has made her utterly depressed and fade up with the material world. Now she wants to start her journey in the spiritual world. She vows to make a corruption-free India by training people in the spiritual way, eliminating material greed from the life of the common people. Jai Sashi Mata







  • Mona  
    Hi,i am sheital vermaa,from delhi. Thanks the name of the ashram should be "Jay Lalita Ashram" becoz you are here just becoz of jay lalita ji
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