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    India is Proudly Celebrating International Yoga Day

    The whole world is celebrating the International Yoga Day and India is taking part in the celebration most enthusiastically because Yoga was born here. It is a matter of pride for the Indians that the whole world has embraced this advanced knowledge of ancient Indian science to live life in a Read More

    Bengaluru Citizens Save Greenery

    The citizens of Bengaluru have created an example to be followed by the whole nation. Even after vigorous campaigning against green slaughter, trees are felled for construction projects without any scruple. The same thing was going to happen in the Government Veterinary Hospital on Queens Road. Read More

    Kashmiri Officer in Indian Army

    Lt Umar Fayaz is one of the eleven officer enrolled(2016 batch NDA) in Indian Army from J & K .  He was killed by terrorists. 

    "When I heard about Fayaz's death, I felt terrible but it only strengthened my resolve to take down the terrorists," Ashutosh Read More

    Government gives 17.5 lakhs, Villagers say ‘No Thanks’

    Residents of village in bijnor have turned down offer from government to build toilets. Instead they built the toilets on their own. They undertook good deed in the holy month of Ramadan. The Village is now declared as open defecation free.

    Chief development officer (CDO) Indramani Read More

    Indian IT Suffers from Lack of Talent

    A striking revelation shows that most of the IT engineers of India lack the talent of software development as they cannot write the logical code for a program, which is the primary criterion of qualification. A research organized by a talent assessment firm brought this striking fact to Read More

    Faking News: Sasikala Will Open Jai Sasi Mata Ashrama

    VK Sasikala has decided to leave politics as she is ‘tired of the materialism of the material world’; she now wants to open an ashrama to teach people on how to react to the complications of the material world. The name of the ashrama will be Jai Sasi Mata Ashrama. There is also a Read More

    American Government to Restrict Visa for Indian IT Giants

    Top Indian IT giants like TCS and Infosys are accused of gaining more H1B visas by entering extra tickets into the lottery system. The Trump government is highly displeased in this matter and they want to rectify the system to issue visas on the basis of merit. An official said on behalf of the Read More

    Activists Want Beep Ban in Indian Films

    A group of activists have filed a petition in the Supreme Court raising a strong demand of beep ban; the social media has been stormed with the issue. The activists say that the beep strategy of the Censor Board to hide some words from the audience is highly objectionable. The audience is no Read More


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