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Bade baap ki badi aulad  
Save Trees  
Arrest YouTuber 'Crazy Sumit' Over Kissing 'Prank' Video  
Stop Moral Policing  
Hooligans on the road to molest women - Enroll Now as Police Friend   Read more...
Hang Damini gang rapists now  
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    China Pakistan

    China has very good relationships with its neighbors like Pakistan and Russia. China, not only developed its own infrastructure, but also supplies financial aid and military equipments to Pakistan. It is strategically essential for Pakistan to develop its infrastructure and due to its Read More

    Should India's young population start engaging itself in politics?

    By Nitten Gokhaley

    According to the stats released by UPA Government, back in 2013, 21.9 percent of country's population is poor. Again, this data is based on poverty line calculation suggesting Rs 42 per person is enough to take care of all expenses in urban areas Read More

    Film Pink and Training Our Boys in the Right Way

    BY Arundhati Bhattacharyya

    Do you remember a scene from Special 26—a CBI officer is very embarrassed to see his wife without dupatta? He frowns and asks: ‘Where is your dupatta?’. The lady feels shy and immediately goes inside the Read More

    Are some cops denying the constitutional right to citizens by not registering FIR?

    Cops are public servants, hired to serve us, the sovereign people. Their job is to maintain law and order, offer safety, security and to detect, prevent as well as investigate the crime. They have the power to launch investigations, question people, arrest and interrogate suspects, carry out Read More

    सपा का सियासी दंगल

    यूपी की राजनीति में इन दिनों उठख पटक कायम है।  उसकी एक बडी बजह है सियासी ड्रामा , जिसकी नींव परिवारवाद से जुडी Read More

    Political violence in West Bengal needs the SC as well as EC's attention?

    West Bengal is attracting a lot of attention these days because of multiple communal riots since October 2016. According to news reports, the most recent ones were Dhulagarh riots in which houses and shops owned by Hindus were targeted. Besides communal disturbance, the state is also witnessing Read More

    India UAE

    Since 3000 BC, the seven emirates that now make up the United Arab Emirates and relationships between India were brotherly and traditionally close. The United Arab Emirates and India had loved having ties based on historical and ethnic ties. India and United Arab Emirates share hundreds of years Read More